Research and Publications

The Washington State Labor Education and Research Center conducts high-quality, timely research on labor, employment issues and economic challenges relevant to working families in Washington State.

The Labor Center’s research agenda includes low-wage work, employment standards and work issues affecting workers of color, immigrants and women workers.

The Labor Center collaborates with other Labor Centers across the country, and with researchers at the University of Washington and other institutions. The Labor Center’s research is distributed to stakeholders, media and policy-makers across Washington State.

The Union Effect

Lee Fiorio, University of Washington
David West, Washington State Labor Education and Research Center
August 29, 2019

The Union Effect provides the first study of the economic impact of unions on Washington workers. The report’s findings are consistent with other national and state-level research, demonstrating that Washington unions produce higher wages, better health and pension benefits, reduced racial and gender inequalities, and less use of public assistance programs.

View the Union Effect:Raising Standards for Workers Across Washington