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Corporate & Customized Training offers customized contract training programs designed to meet specialized workforce training needs. We serve as a focal point for business, labor and community in support of economic development, educational opportunities, family wage jobs and global competitiveness in greater South King County.

We provide customized workforce training in manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics, and construction. New training programs focus on green jobs training, including energy conservation, energy auditing, building science, and environmental sustainability practices. As part of the Seattle Colleges, the Corporate & Customized Training has direct access to a wide range of high-quality instructors and training resources. The center also hosts career fairs and workforce development initiatives.


The campus currently cooperates with the following Joint Apprenticeship Committees to provide courses for apprentices and journey workers: 2017-2018 Apprentice Related Training Programs.

For more information about apprenticeship training visit the Labor and Industry Web site

Apprentices can also pursue an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Transfer Degree (AAS-T) which offer two pathways to college degrees. The AAS is a degree in Multi-Occupational Trades and, at certain colleges, the AAS-T will transfer into baccalaureate degree programs. With the completion of only a few classes outside of their apprenticeship trainings, apprentices will receive an AAS or AAS-T degree. The AAS-T degree allows students to transfer to any Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree at the Seattle Colleges, or any of the many colleges that have articulation agreements with South Seattle College.

The Washington State Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) works with unions, community-based organizations and within colleges throughout Washington State to provide training and classes for and about working people. Our mission is to help working women and men develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge to be leaders at work and in their communities.  Our goal is to equip all types of workers with the skills to run effective organizations and build a 21st century labor movement.

The Labor Center houses the Will Parry library with hundreds of books about labor. We also have movies that can be checked out and other resources available for public use.

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