Labor Education and   
Research Center

We provide education, training, events, and applied research to   
working people in Washington State.

Advisory Committee

The Labor Center’s Advisory Committee is appointed for two-year terms. The current committee was appointed in Spring 2022:

  • Alex Miller, Assistant Professor, UW Tacoma
  • Andrew Hedden, Associate Director, Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, UW
  • Connor Casey, Labor Archives of Washington, UW
  • Elaine Carlson, OPEIU 8 Executive Board Member, South/West Region
  • Emmanuel Flores, Workforce Development Director, WSLC, AFL-CIO
  • Karen Estevenin, Executive Director, PROTEC17
  • Karen Strickland, President, AFT Washington
  • Larry Cushnie, Political Science Faculty, South Seattle College
  • Ligaya Domingo, Racial Justice and Education Director, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
  • Marc Auerbach, Education Director, UFCW 21
  • Michael Laslett, Deputy Director of Offense, SEIU
  • Peter Hasagawa, Organizing Director, MLK Labor
  • Sarah Bright, Organizing Director, SEIU 925
  • Shaunie Wheeler James, Deputy Executive Secretary-Treasurer, MLK Labor
  • Tina Morrison, Secretary-Treasurer, Spokane Regional Labor Council