Corporate & Customized Training

The Seattle Colleges' Office Of Corporate & Customized Training is here to meet your organization's education and training needs. Corporate & Customized Training serves as a focal point for business, labor, and community in support of economic development, educational opportunities, family wage jobs, and global competitiveness across the region.

We provide customized workforce training, primarily in manufacturing and organizational development, but with cross-industry specialization in Lean, Project Management, Change Management, Supervision and Leadership, with numerous soft skills, language, and software training programs to meet just about every need.

As part of the Seattle Colleges, Corporate & Customized Training has direct access to a wide range of high-quality instructors and training resources. The office also sponsors workforce development initiatives and works collaboratively with colleges and universities around the Pacific Northwest.

With the resources of the Seattle College District and top local experts at our disposal, we can provide high quality, effective and efficient educational training in multiple disciplines and industries.

Contact us to discuss your specific training needs:

Bob Embrey, Executive Director, Corporate & Customized Training