Leadership Development

Rank & File Activists, Officers, or Staff

What are the fundamentals of good leadership and how do we develop those skills? Whether it is public speaking, running effective meetings, strategic planning, understanding the issues effecting the workers in your area, fulfilling the responsibilities of an elected position, identifying leadership in others and mentoring, being professional union or organizational staff, or being a creative and energized activist, leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. We can design leadership training in all of these areas.

A minimum of a ½ day is needed to engage in the discussion of what constitutes a good leader and how to develop those skills.

This training is most effective with participation by people from a broad range of unions and organizations so folks can learn from each other. Active participation is also crucial - from getting up in front of the group to give a speech, to role plays, we make these training fun as well as challenging! 206-934-6671