Collective Bargaining

Contract negotiations are the time when the interest of union members is most focused. This is an opportunity to develop your union, build relationships as part of a broader labor movement, as well as get the best possible contract terms. It is a complex process that requires a broad set of skills to succeed. In this training we can focus on developing a contract campaign that will engage members in the negotiations process, how to do strategic research and planning for negotiations, how to develop and cost contract proposals, effective negotiations teams and table tactics, and the importance of communication skills.

We most frequently train on the basis of positional or traditional bargaining, but we can also look at Interest-Based Bargaining as requested.

In order to be effective, any Collective Bargaining training would have to be a minimum of a full day, and we would recommend 3 or 4 days. This can be scheduled in a variety of ways to fit the schedules of training participants. 206-934-6671