Workers' Rights in the COVID-19 Era Webinar Series

workers rights in the COVID-19 era banner image
workers rights in the COVID-19 era banner image

This ongoing webinar series is meant to inform and educate our communities amidst the pandemic.

Full Episode List

COVID-19 paid leave options (April 2020) English // Spanish

Marilyn Watkins of the Economic Opportunity Institute and Matt Buelow of the Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) discuss how workers affected by COVID-19 can use state and federal programs and emergency rules to replace lost wages and care for themselves or family members.

COVID-19 housing security - preventing eviction and foreclosure (April 2020) English // Spanish

Peter Houck, from the Housing Justice Project and Jim Jordan from the NW Justice Project provides info on emergency rules protecting renters and homeowners who may be unable to pay rent or mortgage payments due to COVID-19. Michele Thomas, of the Low-Income Housing Alliance discusses what the WA Legislature has done and needs to do to improve renter protections and increase funding for affordable housing.

Health Insurance During the Pandemic (May 2020)

Joan Altman from the WA Health Benefit Exchange, Jane Beyer from the WA State Office of the Insurance Commissioner and Sam Hatzenbeler of the Economic Opportunity Institute share information and resources about the rights and resources for workers and all Washingtonians who need health coverage during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sam Hatzenbeler also describes opportunities for advocacy to strengthen health care options for all Washingtonians, including immigrant communities.

Unemployment in the time of COVID-19 (May 2020)

John Tirpak, Executive Director of the Unemployment Law Project and Kris Bowen of the WA State Employment Security Department answer workers questions about unemployment benefits in the time of COVID-19.

Opportunities for Training and Education for Workers (May 2020) English // Spanish

Join a conversation with experts who share options for Washington Workers facing job loss or insecurity. Guests include Kristan Lortz a King County Workforce Development Coordinator and Bill Messenger and Emmanual Flores of the Workforce Development team at the WA State Labor Council.

Winning Health and Safety at Work During COVID-19 (August 2020)

This webinar is offered here to assist workers with understand their rights to a safe workspace in Washington State.

Airborne Disease Threats at Work: Tools for Workers (December 2021)

This video is the recorded presentation from a Zoom training The Washington Labor Education and Research Center hosted with the community group, Covid Last Mile. In this video labor and community activists, partnered with scientist experts to share understandable information on the technical issues of indoor air quality; a tool to help assess our own safety from COVID-19 and other airborne diseases; and “hacks” we can use at home or at work to improve our safety.