Voices of the Pandemic Video Series

Covid hazards at work image
Covid hazards at work image

The Washington Labor Center, in partnership with Remove the Gap Productions, has a new series of short (3-6 min.) videos lifting the voices of Washington workers and advocates though the pandemic. These four-minute video are ideal for use on social media, e-newsletters and websites.

COVID Hazards at Work: Voices from the Frontlines - featuring local health care, home care, grocery workers and domestic workers with commentary by Jessica Martinez, Co-Director of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health.

COVID and Workplace Safety - The past 18 month’s fight for workplace safety, and what’s next to protect our community and coworkers against current and future airborne disease threats.

COVID and the Childcare Crisis – how COVID made an already bad situation worse for families and childcare workers, and how Washington’s unions are responding.