Tools for Workers: COVID-19 Era Safety

MAD+ policy guide image
MAD+ policy guide image

As COVID-19 cases surge again we want to put resources from our latest health and safety webinar in your hands.  Current reports on the new variant underscore the importance of each of us getting vaccinated, boosted, and redoubling our commitment to the other workplace infection control measures:  Masking, Air Quality, and Distancing.

In December we hosted another in our “Health and Safety in the COVID Era” webinar series, in partnership with the COVID Straight Talk Lab and New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health. Our guests walked us through the essential M.A.D.+ Guide

Click here to download the guide (PDF)

Guía de Políticas M.A.D.+ (PDF)

The M.A.D.+ Guide offers clear, understandable, scientifically accurate guidance on these three pillars of workplace infection control, along with the “plus” – the role worker organizations play in direct action to protect worker safety.  The guide provides information on how to asses, and fight to improve, indoor ventilation. This is a critical next step in securing safer workplaces.