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Apprenticeship and Education Center

The Georgetown Campus trains more than 4,000 apprentices and journey-level workers annually in 20 different trades. Each of the training centers provides classroom and laboratory space with training equipment focused upon specific trade training needs.

Each program offers certificate options. The variety of certificates plus an associate degree option provide students with the flexibility to reach their personal goals. The apprenticeship programs offer immediate employment while training at family-wage jobs. Our students learn in the classroom and labs with the college, and obtain practical hands-on experience in the industry. Upon completion, the student is knowledgeable and experienced in his or her chosen trade or occupation.

The curriculum is developed in collaboration with business, labor, industry and government through apprenticeship training committees, industry coalitions, and regulatory agencies. Employers and industry leaders are actively involved in training advancements and product development.



The campus currently cooperates with the following Joint Apprenticeship Committees to provide courses for apprentices and journey workers: 2016-2017 Apprentice Related Training Programs.

For more information about apprenticeship training visit the Labor and Industry Web site

Apprentices can also pursue an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Transfer Degree (AAS-T) which offer two pathways to college degrees. The AAS is a degree in Multi-Occupational Trades and, at certain colleges, the AAS-T will transfer into baccalaureate degree programs. With the completion of only a few classes outside of their apprenticeship trainings, apprentices will receive an AAS or AAS-T degree. The AAS-T degree allows students to transfer to any Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree at the Seattle Colleges, or any of the many colleges that have articulation agreements with South Seattle College.

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