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About the Manual

The Workers' Rights Manual is an easy-to-use reference guide to workplace rights for all workers in Washington State. The laws that govern workplace rights are constantly changing and one of the goals of the Labor Center is to keep the long version of the guide available on this website updated. We will announce when new information has been added. The current version (third edition) was updated in January, 2014.

Feel free to download any of the versions listed on the left.

Keep in mind that the Workers' Rights Manual is meant to be used as an informational and resource guide, but it is NOT a substitute for legal advice.

As part of the Workers' Rights Manual project, Storyline Productions produced the film Solidarity Stories, which shows the transformative nature of collective action.  Watch it below.

Getting Printed Copies of the Manual

The manual comes in two formats and five languages. The longer format comes in a  binder and includes all workplace rights information in detail. The shorter format is an abridged version of the information found in the complete manual, and is printed as a booklet small enough to fit in your pocket. If you want the complete version, we recommend that you download and print it directly from this website. Because of the special size of the shorter version, we recommend that you order copies of that, but you can also download and print it directly from this website.

Languages: The complete manual is available in English and Spanish. The abridged manual is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Somali.

Suggested contribution: $7.50 for each copy of the abridged manual and $15.00 for each copy of the long manual. Contributions are entirely to cover the cost of printing and distribution. When you contribute, you extend the Labor Center's ability to keep producing this valuable resource! Checks should be made out to WA LERC and mailed to the Labor Center at 6737 Corson Ave S, Seattle 98108.

To order copies, contact us and specify language, number of manuals, and whether you want the shorter/abridged version or the longer/complete version.

This new edition would not have been possible without generous support from the Fetzer Institute.

Many thanks to the unions and community groups
who contributed to the cost of translation and printing. Their generosity has made it possible to distribute a substantial number of both the pocket edition and the longer binder version of the manual in multiple languages. Thanks also to the individuals who did the translation work. All individuals and organizations that contributed time and resources are listed in the Acknowledgements section of the manual. 

The first edition of this manual was a project of an Evergreen State College class in the 2004 program, "Justice at Work" taught by Sarah Ryan and Arleen Sandifer.