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The mission of the Labor Center is to deliver high-quality education and training programs for the working women and men of Washington State. Our curriculum builds the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to improve their work lives and their communities, and promote a just economy through collective action. As a unique program within higher education in the state, we use the best practices of adult education to serve our dynamic and diverse labor force.

Past Practices, Future Growth

The Labor Center was established in 1987 to provide direct education and research services in higher education to unions in Washington State. This remains essential Labor Center work. Building on our successful programs, the Labor Education Center strives to develop new learning opportunities in community college classrooms for all workers and students.

A labor education program that is threaded throughout the Washington State Community and Technical College system, in effective collaboration with community-based organizations, can build valuable partnerships between colleges, labor organizations, and the communities they are part of. 

We endeavor to provide workforce education that empowers workers and communities for economic advancement and civic engagement.