I came to the United States because my country lose the war. [The United States government] promise they bring us here. I came here September 7, 1980.

When I came here, I cannot speak English, I cannot talk. I don’t even know how to say my name.

I work as custodian. Janitor. I work in University of Washington, cleaning office. My second job is homecare. I work homecare for part-time job.


I take care of my own mother. I cook for her, I give her ride to shopping, I give her ride to see a doctor, I give her bath, and I feed her. When she not feeling good, I stay home to take care of her all the time. I watching her all the time.

We need more benefits. We need more raise, and we need more hours.

[Homecare union members] went together to Olympia. We talked to Gary Locke, Representatives, and the Senators. We ask them to support us and give us raise and keep our contract. It feels good. I feel like it help them support us and it feel like it good to talk to them. They know us and how we do our job, what kind of duties we do.

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I call people in my language. Most people cannot speak English, and I call them and talk to them and make them understand we can go together to Olympia. Most people, they don’t understand or get involved with union. They say it’s so hard to go to Olympia and to talk to the governor. I make them understand—talk to all the representatives, senators, governor, and make them know we do our job. We work hard. I’ve been very busy.

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Before, in our country, we work on the farm. But when we come here we start learning things new, start over. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the workplace, when they talk to us. It’s really hard. For my first job, I work in the nursing home. It’s very hard to communicate with people and talk with supervisor. Very hard to understand.

I have a union. I know that they protect us, helping us not lose our job. If the governor cut off the contract, we don’t have any job to work. I think it’s good to have union to protect us.

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