I’m a member of the SPEEA union, IFPTE Local 2001. We represent the engineers and technical workers at the Boeing Company.

I’m a second-generation engineer. My father was also an engineer. I’m an engineer in the commercial airplane group—a structural analyst engineer responsible for landing gear components on the 747 and the 767. I’ve been an engineer at the Boeing Company for fourteen years, and I’ve been a SPEEA member for fourteen years.


I’m a firm believer in the union movement and the right to organize. Especially in this newfound day and age, white collar workers in the non-traditional trades need the right to organize and collectively bargain. I believe the engineers and technical workers have a right to representation and that right needs to be preserved.

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Collectively, you have more of a voice than individually. Especially in a large company like Boeing, which has 22,000 represented technical workers and engineers. Anybody who doesn’t believe in a collective voice will be very foolish to think that the company would look out for workers’ interests. And that would apply no matter what job you do.

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